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Save time and money by pre-booking your ski or board equipment before you arrive.

Our ski hire partners in Le Praz are Skiset and Ski Higher.


Pre-order your Skiset equipment through The Alpine Generation and collect it from the Gormier Sports outlet, conveniently located in the centre of Le Praz.  The shop is staffed by a team of mountain professionals providing a large range of well-maintained equipment.

Contact us on to pre-order your equipment with Skiset.

Choose your Skiset package

  • Evolution – Perfect for beginners or those comfortable on green and blue slopes.
  • Performance – Comfortable high-performance equipment. Perfect for improvers or those skiing mainly red, blue or green slopes.
  • Excellence – High-performance skiing with the season’s newest equipment. Perfect for the most experienced or aggressive skiers on all class of slope.
  • Champion Child – Skis for children between 8 and 11 years (level 3+ stars), or for children aged 12 and 13 years regardless of level.
  • Espoir Child – Skis for children from 6-11 years of age, from beginner to 2nd star.
  • MiniKid – Skis for children from 3-5 years of age.

Ski Higher

Prefer to have your equipment delivered to you, and fitted in the comfort of your chalet?  Ski Higher have a shop based in La Tania, but offer a delivery and fitting service across the resorts of Courchevel.  They provide a carefully selected range of high-quality equipment from a range of leading manufacturers and offer excellent discount to The Alpine Generation guests.

To pre-order your equipment with Ski Higher Mobile Service, please click here.


Choose your Ski Higher Mobile Service package

  • Initiation – Equipment ideal for beginner adults allowing easy turning.
  • Leisure – Versatile and forgiving equipment to progress confidently at moderate speeds.
  • Dynamic – Comfortable high-performance equipment.  Great for those covering a variety of pistes.
  • Premium – Top of the line, latest-generation equipment for maximum performance on any terrain.
  • Ado – Ski and board packages perfect for teenagers from 13-17 years of age.
  • Junior – Skis for children aged 7 -12, or snowboard equipment designed for age 5 – 12.
  • Baby – Ski’s for children from 3-6 years of age.

Le Praz Ski Hire Prices 2021/2022

Skiset: Shop Collection

Package Type Days Price
Evolution Skis/Snowboard & Boots 6 €92.80
Evolution Ski or Snowboard Only 6 €68.90
Performance Skis/Snowboard & Boots 6 €112.60
Performance Ski or Snowboard Only 6 €84.80
Excellence Skis/Snowboard & Boots 6 €133.80
Excellence Ski or Snowboard Only 6 €100.70
Champion Child Skis/Snowboard & Boots 6 €68.90
Espoir Child Skis & Boots 6 €47.70
MiniKid Skis & Boots 6 €47.70
Helmet Adult 6 €22.10
Helmet Child 6 €16.30

Ski Set prices stated are in GBP and are based on shop collection.  Pre-payment is required. Contact us on for prices for alternative hire durations.

Ski Higher: Mobile Delivery

Package Type Days Price
Initiation Skis & Boots 6 €108.00
Leisure Skis/Snowboard & Boots 6 €140.00
Leisure Skis/Snowboard Only 6 €96.00
Dynamic Skis/Snowboard & Boots 6 €160.00
Dynamic Skis/Snowboard Only 6 €116.00
Premium Skis/Snowboard & Boots 6 €184.00
Premium Skis/Snowboard Only 6 €140.00
Ado (Age 13 - 17) Skis/Snowboard & Boots 6 €104.00
Junior (Ski age 7 - 12/ Board age 5 - 12) Skis & Boots 6 €65.60
Baby (Age 3 - 6) Skis & Boots 6 €55.20
Helmet Adult or Child 6 €19.20

Ski Higher prices stated are in EUR and are based on mobile delivery to the chalet.  Payment is not required until you are in resort.

Please click here for La Tania shop collection prices, prices for alternative duration, and additional equipment hire such as snow shoes and cross-country skis.

Ski Higher’s Covid guarantee can be found here.

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