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Need some amendments to our standard chalet menu?

The model of a catered chalet holiday is based on a pre-selected set menu, served to the whole chalet for the duration of your stay.  This model has enabled chalet companies to keep catered chalet holidays good value for money, but help also combat legal working regulations regarding maximum working time for chalet hosts.

In recent years the chalet industry has experienced a huge increase in requests for special dietary requirements, and requests are becoming increasingly complex.  This is likely due to the progressive popularity of various lifestyle choices in line with the increasing availability of alternative products in the UK and elsewhere.

Unfortunately across the French Alps, these alternative ingredients come at a much higher price compared to the UK, product availability can be unreliable, and some products are simply just not available.  The Alpine Generation aim to maintain the good value of our catered accommodation, therefore we have introduced a small charge where catering for particular special dietary requests is required.  This charge will be €35 per person.  As before, vegetarian alternatives will continue to be provided free of charge.

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Ingredients are pre-ordered and delivered to resort well in advance of your stay.  Additionally, our hosts are not qualified chefs and it is essential they have the time to prepare for requests that deviate from the set menu.  Any dietary requests therefore must be communicated to us in writing a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your holiday.  This gives our team time to prepare their menu and food ordering arrangements appropriately.

Any requests communicated after this time, or upon arrival in resort, will be subject to an additional surcharge as our team will have to make alternative arrangements once food orders have been placed.  Late notice also means we may be unable to cater for your request, particularly on the first night of your holiday, but in some cases maybe not at all.

It is the group leader’s responsibility to inform us of any dietary requests their party may have.

Allergen Information

It is important to be aware that our chalet hosts are not qualified catering professionals and cannot always know whether the food products used have packaged and prepared in an allergen free environment. Our menus also routinely feature many common allergens such as nuts, seeds, gluten and dairy products and cannot guarantee there will be no cross contamination.

Additionally, please be aware that our guests are welcome to bring food items of their own into the chalet; we therefore cannot guarantee that other guests will not have allergen-containing food items in their rooms or other areas of the chalet. As a result, we cannot and do not guarantee the avoidance of specified ingredients and in particular we are unable to cater for any airborne allergies.  We cannot accept liability in the event of any dissatisfaction with special dietary arrangements, including the occurrence of an allergic reaction.

If you or one of your party have any allergies, please speak to us prior to booking.

Common Dietary Requests


Our definition of a vegetarian is someone that eats neither fish nor meat.  Please note that we do not use Quorn or other meat substitutes. Our vegetarian menu will continue to be provided free of charge, when requested at least 4 weeks in advance of arrival.


Our definition of a pescatarian is someone who eats fish/seafood, but no meat. Pescatarians will be served the vegetarian menu, with the inclusion of a fish dish on one evening. Our pescatarian menu is provided free of charge, when requested at least 4 weeks in advance of arrival.


For a dairy-free diet, alternative dishes will be made for you where required, and dairy-free cake will be available for your afternoon tea.   The below ingredients are available:

  • Dairy-free spread
  • Soya milk or oat milk
  • Soya Yoghurts

The €35 fee applies to requests for a dairy-free diet.


France is still catching up to the benefits of vegan lifestyle, and the choice of products on offer to assist us in producing vegan menu options is much more limited than you may be used to at home. We therefore do not use replacement products such as vegan meat substitutes, tofu, vegan cheese or vegan chocolate, but we can provide a hearty vegan menu for the week which predominantly consists of vegetable and legume based alternatives to the meat dishes.  Please refer to the ‘Dairy-free’ information regarding our alternative products to dairy. We regret we are unable to provide vegan wine.

The €35 fee applies to requests for a vegan diet.


For those requesting a gluten-free diet, our team will use gluten-free products (for example flour, pastry and pasta) where required to create an alternative of each dish which you can enjoy.  You will also have gluten-free cake available for your afternoon tea.  In addition to this we can provide the following:

  • Gluten-free bread
  • Gluten-free croissants
  • Gluten-free cereal

Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of gluten-free sausages.

Many on a gluten-free diet still consume products that contain traces or ‘may’ contain traces of gluten (for example, soy sauce, stock cubes, sweet chilli sauce).  It is therefore essential that you let us know whether your gluten-free request is due to a preference or mild intolerance, or a serious allergy, so that we know whether you do or do not consume items such as these.

The €35 fee applies to requests for a gluten-free diet.

Specific Allergies or Food Avoidance

In the instance where a product can simply be omitted from your meals, this will continue to be provided free of charge.  If your allergies or requests are particularly complex, require different products or require separate dishes to be created by our hosts, the €35 surcharge will apply in order to accommodate this.


Non-alcoholic alternatives to the house wine are not included, however should this be something that you would like, we will endeavour to source you options available to purchase.  We can provide juice as an alternative free of charge, along with the fruit syrups (French equivalent of cordial), tea and coffee which are always available to you.  You are welcome to bring your own products into the chalet should you wish to buy any soft drinks locally.

Please note that some of our dishes use wine in the cooking process.  Due to cooking, this is no longer alcoholic, so generally doesn’t pose a problem, however if your alcohol-free request is for religious reasons or you simply do not wish for wine to be used in the cooking, please ensure that you specify this to us.  The €35 fee will apply in this instance, as our hosts will be required to create alternative dishes for you.

We regret we cannot provide a kosher or halal environment, and we cannot provide an organic diet.  We may not be able to cater for other uncommon dietary requests, please discuss with us prior to booking.

We do allow guests to bring their own food and drink products into our chalets, so if you have very strict dietary requirements, or a particular desire for certain products, it may be useful to bring these important items with you.


The dietary requests surcharge was implemented on 14th April 2024 and applies to all bookings made from this date.

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