Which ski resort is best for me?

Which Ski Resort is Best for Me? If you’re anything like us, your thoughts may already have drifted to when borders re-open, planes take to the skies, and snow falls in the Alps. Perhaps you’ve already taken advantage of the low fares and 99p baggage fees currently being advertised by Easyjet. If you’re still weighing up the options, and undecided where to go for your next ski holiday we can help you decide… Morzine Morzine is without a doubt…

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TEAM TALK: Why Ski in Meribel or La Tania?

Ben Butler Winter

Why ski in Meribel or La Tania? This week we’re asking our Operations Director, Benedict Butler, to spill the beans on the 3 Valleys. A Meribel veteran of “undisclosed duration”, there’s not much to know about the 3 valleys that Ben doesn’t already know (or at least that’s what he tells us). A near permanent resident in both winter and summer, we employed our very best questioning skills to get to the heart of the matter. Just why does…

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NEWS: Single Skiers Week in Meribel with Ski Friends!

Fully Catered Single Skiers Week in Meribel Ski in a group (paying no single supplement) with Ski Friends! This season we have teamed up with Ski Friends to offer a single skiers week in our fantastic Chalet Marini in Meribel Village. The aim of Ski Friends is to allow solo travelers to experience the benefits of a chalet holiday and the beauty of skiing in a group. The week is aimed at intermediate solo or intermediate skiers to ski with like-minded…

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The 5 Worst Things About Ski Holidays

Lazy Lion

So, you’re thinking of booking a ski holiday? Before you head off in a haze of holiday-related excitement to pay the deposit, take a moment to consider the reality. Ski holidays are not all fun, fun, fun you know. To help you make a balanced decision, we’ve come up with a list of our five worst things about ski holidays. 1. Other People Skiing is a social activity, and this means spending time with other people. If you decide…

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