FITNESS: On Your Marks, Get Set… Go!

Think of Morzine and the French Alps and you can be forgiven for assuming it’s all winter wonderland, vin chaud and snow sports.  Between December and April, you’d be spot on. But have you ever wondered what happens in the other months?

Once the snow has melted, and the last skiers and boarders have made their way back to their office jobs, a magical transformation begins to take place. The magestic white-capped mountains turn a bright shade of green and the sun emerges to cast its glow across the horizon.

Unlike many of the traditional ski-stations, Morzine doesn’t shut down once the last flake has melted away. This traditional market town has a much higher percentage of permanent residents than your usual alpine resort, so the shops and restaurants and other businesses continue to ply their trade and the town continues to buzz away. Then there’s the plethora of non skiing-related activities; cyclists, hikers, runners all converge on the town to explore the hills that seem now alien to their winter identities. Bikes fly down dirt tracks on their chunky tyres, kayaks paddle serenely on the blue-green lakes, hikers hit the mountain trails and the place is buzzing with fitness, fun and adventure.

But hey, don’t take our word for it – come see for yourself! Join us this autumn and meet other like-minded runners. Together we’ll explore the roads and trails of Morzine in our week-long Running Camps. Whether you’re just starting out or got your eye on a big race, some fresh mountain air is the perfect addition to your training plan.

Our Running Training Camps are on:

30 September 2018 – Beginners

7 October 2018 – Intermediates

Click here for full details, pricing and booking!

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