The 5 Worst Things About Ski Holidays

So, you’re thinking of booking a ski holiday?

Before you head off in a haze of holiday-related excitement to pay the deposit, take a moment to consider the reality. Ski holidays are not all fun, fun, fun you know.

To help you make a balanced decision, we’ve come up with a list of our five worst things about ski holidays.

1. Other People

Skiing is a social activity, and this means spending time with other people. If you decide to go skiing next season, you’ll have to put up with those tiresome laughs on the chairlift, those frankly boring group lunches in the sunshine, and take part in that supposedly fun-filled group activity known as ‘après’. Wouldn’t you rather be at home watching Question Time?

Lady watching television instead of taking a ski holiday

Look at this lady. Doesn’t she look happy. This could be you.


Image credit: N Stjerna / Foter / CC BY

2. Euphoria-Overload

You know that feeling of euphoria you get when you carving down a corduroy piste, or gliding through a pristine powder field? Of course you do. Well, you can have too much of a good thing you know. It’s not scientifically proven (yet), but this type of euphoria-overload may well be hazardous to your health. Consider playing it safe and going out for a brisk stroll instead.

man walking instead of taking a ski holiday

Walking is a nice , low-risk activity and has proven health benefits. Its a no-brainer.

Photo credit: peter_stanton86 / Foter / CC BY-SA

3. The Boring Views

Never-ending powder fields. Miles of untouched piste.


Sunset in the mountains and snow-capped peaks as far as the eye can see.

Double yawn.

I mean, a view’s a view right? Seen it once, seen it enough. Ok, so catching a glimpse of Lake Geneva or Mont Blanc from thousands of feet above sea level is pretty special. It might even make you feel like King of the World and the smallest thing in the world all at the same time. However, I’d wager the same result can be achieved through appropriate selection of wallpaper image for your tablet, desktop or smartphone.

View over the mountains in Morzine on a ski holiday

Imagine assaulting your eyeballs with this sort of view on a daily basis? Boring…..

Image credit: JB Bieuville

4. Laziness

We spend years learning how to do things for ourselves in life. Independence is hard-earned you know. Why would you want to give that up so easily? Who wants to go on a holiday where you are encouraged to let other people do everything for you?  Someone else cooks, someone else cleans, someone else drives you around, someone else books your restaurants and someone else runs back into the chalet to retrieve your forgotten gloves? There is a good chance you might forget how to do all these things for yourself and become inherently lazy. You have been warned!

Lazy Lion

This poor chap went on one ski holiday too many and look at him now…….

Image credit: paraflyer / Foter / CC BY

5. Becoming a Better Skier/Boarder

It’s quite simple. The more you ski or board, the better you’ll get, and the more holidays you’ll have to go on. See points 1-4.

Snowboarder on a ski holiday

Keep up with this winter sports lark and this could one day be you, and you don’t want that do you?

Image credit: Damian McArthur

So, if we haven’t managed to put you off and you’re still determined to book your ski holiday for next season, why not check our our selection of fantastic catered chalets and give us a call?

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