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Chalet Catering FAQs

by Fiona Bell | 18th April 2024

Why choose catered?

If you don’t like the idea of cooking every night when you finish skiing, and aren’t too keen on dining out in a restaurant every night of your holiday, choose a catered chalet!

Our team of chalet hosts provide a delicious meal on 6 out of 7 nights of your stay, and they even do the washing up!  Put your feet up in front of the fire or relax in the hot tub, and let us look after the food. 🍽️

What is ‘chalet board’?

You’ll probably have heard the phrase ‘chalet board’ thrown around a lot in the context of chalet holidays.  This is essentially the same as half-board catering, with the delicious addition of cake! 🍰  Breakfast, cake and dinner with wine… winning combination!

Will I have a private chef?

Our chalets are run by our chalet hosting teams – they look after every aspect of your stay from welcoming you on arrival, housekeeping, cooking your meals, and making sure all your questions are answered.

We don’t specifically hire qualified chefs, but our chalet hosts are all capable cooks and are well trained with our menu.

Our chalets are run by our chalet hosting teams, including cooking your meals!

Will I get the menu in advance?

We often get asked this question, and no we don’t send out the menu in advance.  This is because the menu is very much subject to change, particularly due to the availability of produce.

Especially in the current climate with a lot of supermarkets and suppliers experiencing supply chain complications, our team remain super flexible to always provide you with a delicious dinner no matter what spanners are thrown at them! (not physically! 🔧)

Do you charge for catering for dietary requests?

Due to the huge increase in volume and complexity of alternative dietary requests over the last few years, we have introduced a surcharge of €35 per person to cater for some dietary requests.

Vegetarian alternatives continue to be provided free of charge (providing the request is received at least 4 weeks before arrival) and in the instance where a product can simply be omitted from your meals, this will also be provided free of charge.

Any allergies or requests which are more complex, require different products or require separate dishes to be created by our hosts, the €35 surcharge will apply in order to accommodate this. For full information, please see our dedicated webpage here.

We ask for final guest details including dietary requests at least 4 weeks prior to arrival to give us time to plan accordingly and factor this into our provisioning.

If I don’t get the menu in advance, how do I know I’m going to like the food?

As well as catering for an ever growing list of dietary requests, we are also happy for you to tell us any major dislikes, and (within reason!) we’ll work around this as much as possible.

Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten-free?  No problem!

Dislike salmon? Hate mushrooms?  No problem!

Just give us plenty of notice (the 4 week deadline applies), and we’ll do our best.  As above, if an ingredient can be simply omitted from the menu, the surcharge will not apply.

Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten-free?  No problem! Dislike Salmon? Hate mushrooms? No problem!

Do you provide Quorn/vegan cheese/coconut milk?

In a nutshell, no.  Our alternative savoury dishes are predominantly vegetable, legume and carb based, and our dairy-free alternative milks are soya and oat milk.

Replacement products like Quorn, vegan cheese, vegan meat substitutes and other various milk alternatives can be particularly hard to source and/or very costly in the alps.  Our alternative menus therefore do not use certain alternative products which you may be used to at home.  Please refer to our Dietary Requests webpage for details on what can and can’t be provided.

The alternative meals for dietary requests are tasty, hearty and fresh, so can rest assured you will be well fed and won’t go hungry!  We also have no problem with guests bringing their own food into the chalets, so if there’s anything you swear by at home, please do feel free to bring it with you!

There’s elements of the catering model that we don’t want, can we swap it for something else?

As a new concept for the 23/24 winter season, we introduced our go ‘off-piste’ menu, which gives guests the option to swap out certain elements of the catering, to something they might prefer.  For more information and the options available, please click here.

Why can’t I just let you know in resort what I can’t eat?

Our food supplies are delivered to resort, and orders have to be placed well in advance of your arrival.  Once you arrive in resort, the food is already purchased and delivered, which is why the option to make changes at this point will be very limited.

We ask for all final guest and catering information a minimum of 4 weeks before arrival so that our team have time to prepare their menu and food provisioning arrangements appropriately.  Any catering changes disclosed within this 4 week window of arrival may be subject to an additional surcharge, particularly at the point at which the late disclosure of information is causing our team to head out especially to source alternative products to be able to cater for your request.

What drinks do you have available?

Coffee, a selection of teas and fruit syrups (the French equivalent of squash!) are available throughout the day for you to help yourselves to whenever you like! ☕️

Juice is available at breakfast, and with your dinner you’ll have a choice of red or white bottled wine. 🍷 Guests in our Signature chalets will also receive an aperitif before dinner, and exclusive bookings will receive a complimentary bottle of port to enjoy alongside their cheese.  If you would like to pre-order any upgraded wines including rosé and fizz options, or have some beers ready and waiting for you at the chalet, please check out our seasonal menu (here)!

Tap water in the alps is not only perfectly safe to drink but is probably some of the best drinking water you’ll come across, and it usually runs lovely and icy cold from the tap (not surprisingly!).  Did you know that the streams from the mountains around the Portes du Soleil feed the springs that end up in your bottles of Evian!?

We don’t provide soft drinks, however you are welcome to pick up any additional drinks you like locally (or bring them with you if you’re driving!) and bring them into the chalets.

Find out more...

Check out our general catering website page and our page on dietary requests or more information!

Questions about children dining in the chalets?  Jump to our FAQs on children’s catering!

Fiona Bell

Sales & Guest Services

There’s not much that Fiona doesn’t know about ski holidays. A catered chalet guest since the tender age of 3, she’s also done just about every job in resort. A mine of useful information, you can count on Fiona for recommendations, top tips and straightforward, no-nonsense advice.

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