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Children’s Dining FAQs

by Fiona Bell | 19th October 2023

Can our children have a separate earlier dinner?

Yes, children under 12 have the option of a children’s ‘high-tea’ which is served between 6 and 6:30pm.  This consists of 2 courses (main and dessert) and is more child-friendly food.

Children over the age of 12 will generally dine with the adults (usually at 7:30pm).  However if you have younger children in your group too and our chalet hosts will already be providing an earlier children’s dinner, the older kids are welcome to select this option too!

We would like our children to eat before 6pm, is this possible?

We’re afraid it’s not possible for our chalet hosts to serve children’s dinner before 6pm (to comply with French working regulations), however if you would like your kids to eat earlier, please do discuss this with your hosts as they will usually be able to prep the food in the morning, so that it can just be heated at your convenience when you would like to feed your little ones!

What can I expect my children to be eating for their dinner?

Main courses usually include things like spaghetti bolognaise 🍝, cottage pie or chicken goujons & potato wedges. We always try and include some veggies within the main course too.

Desserts may include the likes of chocolate brownie, apple crumble, jam sponge, cookies, and of course there’s always ice cream! 🍨

Desserts may include the likes of chocolate brownie, apple crumble, jam sponge, cookies and ice cream!

We prefer our children to dine with us, is this possible?

Yes!  In chalets where you have booked exclusively, you are more than welcome to choose for the children to dine with you at the usual adults dinner time.  They will need to eat the same food as the adults if dining together.

If you are in a shared chalet, children under 12 will usually be required to dine early to allow the other adults to enjoy an adults dinner.

Can our children dine from the children menu, but eat at the same time as the adults?

Except in some exceptional circumstances, we’re afraid this is not usually possible.  Chalet kitchens are generally domestic in nature (they aren’t big commercial kitchens) so it simply isn’t possible to produce two completely different menus at the same time.  It may however be possible for us to simplify or omit ingredients from some of the adult dishes if needed.

We’d all like to eat together, but eat a little earlier, can we do this?

This is not usually a problem at all.  Typically adults dinner is served at 7:30pm, but if everyone is dining together, it should not be an issue to bring dinner forward by up to an hour.  Requests can be made in advance, or alternatively feel free to just chat with your hosts about this on arrival!

My children are particularly fussy!

Don’t panic!  Just chat to our post-sales team! We understand that meal times can be very stressful for parents and especially on holiday, you might just want to keep things as easy as possible.

As much as we like to ensure that meals are well rounded (and include vegetables! 🥕🥦 ), if providing something as simple as plain pasta topped with cheese every night will make your week more pleasant, that’s what we’ll do!

The more information you can give us before arrival (we request at least 4 weeks) the better we can accommodate.  If you were to provide this information on arrival in resort, unfortunately our options are somewhat limited at this point, as provisioning has to be done well in advance of your arrival.

You’re also more than welcome to bring food into the chalets with you, so if there’s anything from home that your little ones can’t live without (that is allowed across the border!), please feel free to bring it with you!

Fussy kids?  No problem! Just talk to our post-sales team before your stay!

Can I make alternative dietary requests for my child?

Yes of course.  Just as we can for the adults, we can provide alternative meals to cater around certain dietary requests.

A surcharge will apply for some catering requests, including vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free diets, and all requests must be received at least 4 weeks before arrival.  For full information, please refer to our dedicated webpage on Dietary Requests.

Is your food home-made?

Yes we make as much as possible in the chalets! 🔪 We don’t use pre-made sauces and things like our chicken goujons are made from scratch.  We will confess that we do buy in fish fingers, and we usually have an emergency bag of chips in the freezer in case we have children in the chalet who aren’t fans of things like homemade potato wedges, and likewise there will always be a tub of ice cream!

What drinks do you have available for children?

Juice is available at breakfast, and fruit syrups (the French equivalent of squash!) are available throughout the day and at dinner time.

We encourage everyone (children and adults!) to drink plenty of water too as it’s quite easy to get dehydrated at altitude.  Tap water in the alps is perfectly safe to drink and is some of the best quality drinking water you’ll come across.

If you have younger children and would like whole milk available for drinking, please make sure you request this in advance. 🥛

We don’t provide soft drinks, however you are welcome to purchase these locally and bring them into the chalet!

Can my infant join for children’s high tea?

Yes! When it comes to infants (under 2’s) we offer flexibility on the catering, please just make sure children’s high tea is requested at least 4 weeks in advance, and paid for if not already included in your booking.

We appreciate there’s a huge difference between a newborn only on milk 🍼, compared to an 18-month-old with a great appetite, and therefore our different options for infants are priced accordingly.

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