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Ski Holiday Essentials: Packing List

by Fiona Bell | 19th July 2023

If you’ve never been on a ski holiday before, you might be wondering what you need to bring.  Packing for a ski holiday requires careful consideration to ensure you have all the necessary gear and clothing to stay warm, comfortable, and safe on the slopes. Here’s a list of packing essentials from our Guest Services Manager Karen!

Ski Equipment

  • Skis or snowboard: If you have your own!
  • Ski boots or snowboard boots: Make sure they fit well and are comfortable.
  • Helmet: Essential for safety on the slopes.
  • Goggles: Protect your eyes from sun, wind and snow glare.

If you don't have your own skis/snowboard or boots, there are plenty of rental options in every resort!  Ski poles are generally included free of charge.

Ski Clothing

  • Ski jacket: Waterproof, insulated, and breathable.
  • Sallopettes/ski pants: Waterproof and insulated.
  • Base layers: Layers are a skiers best friend; thermal tops and bottoms to provide essential warmth
  • Mid-layer: Fleece or down jacket for added insulation
  • Ski socks: Thick, moisture-wicking socks specifically designed for skiing
  • Gloves or mittens: Choose a nice warm and waterproof pair – you’ll be glad!
  • Buff or balaclava: Essential in colder conditions to protect your face and neck from the cold and wind
  • Hat or beanie: Keep you warm if you stop for a coffee or vin chaud!
  • Sunglasses: Unless you want to sit in your goggles when you stop!

Consider what time of year you are heading out to the Alps, and don't forget to check a reliable weather forecast! You'll probably require warmer clothing in January and February than you would for end of season Spring skiing conditions. Layering is key as it allows you to adjust your clothing to changing conditions.

Ski Accessories

  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Lip balm: Prevents chapped lips in cold and windy conditions.
  • Hand and toe warmers: Disposable warmers for extra heat in extremely cold weather.
  • Backpack: Carry snacks, water, extra layers and personal items whilst you’re on the slopes.
  • Waterproof phone case: Great for protecting your phone from snow and moisture.

Don't be fooled by the cloud - with added reflection from the snow, it's easy to get sunburnt even on overcast days.  Make sure you bring high SPF sunscreen.

Casual Clothing:

Around the chalet you want to make sure you’re comfortable, but the chalets are warm and cosy.

  • Warm jumper or hoody
  • Jeans, leggings or comfortable trousers
  • Casual shoes or boots: Make sure you choose something with good grip for walking in the snow.
  • Indoor slippers or shoes: To keep the floors in the chalets dry!
  • Swim stuff: If your chalet has a spa area, hot tub or sauna, don’t forget your swimmers and a spa towel.

For evenings and your down time, bring whatever clothes you feel most comfortable in. We don't mind if you turn up to dinner in your best or your loungewear!


  • Personal medication:  Carry any necessary medications you may need.  We also recommend bringing over the counter painkillers and any preferred cold and flu remedies (e.g. lemsip) with you.
  • Cash and identification: Bring some cash for emergencies and keep your ID handy.
  • Travel Insurance: Make sure you’ve got a comprehensive policy with winter sports cover, and keep a copy of your insurance details on you at all times.
  • Electronics: Any Phones, iPads, cameras or GoPro you wish to bring.  Don’t forget the chargers and plug adapters!
  • Toiletries

Over the counter medications (such as painkillers and cold/flu remedies) are not as accessible to purchase as they are in the UK. They're usually only available from pharmacies, and sometimes not without prescription.

Karen Hill

Guest Services

Karen’s main focus is on after-sales services, and is always ready and waiting to help make sure your holiday is relaxed and hassle-free. So, if you’ve got a question about our resorts, chalets, service or booking any holiday extras – drop us a message!

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