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A day in the life of a chalet host

by Fiona Bell | 1st May 2023

Wondering what a typical day in the life of a chalet host is like with The Alpine Generation!?

Our very own chalet host extrodinaire Hannah Sutcliffe gives us the low down!


Wake up

When the alarm goes off ⏰ (hopefully not as early as you might expect!), it is sometimes hard to drag yourself out of bed to walk to your chalet in the dark and the cold, but you get yourself dressed and looking presentable, and head to your chalet for morning service.


07:15 – 8:00

Prep breakfast, lay the table and clean up from the night before

Don’t forget to pick up your freshly delivered baguettes 🥖 on your way in!  I get the oven turned on and start cleaning up first.  Sometimes you might walk in to the chalet and it looks like a bomb has gone off (yes party people and unruly children, we mean you 😉), but sometimes if you are lucky, there may only be a few glasses to wash up from the night before, so you can get straight into the kitchen.

I get breakfast food prepped, get my cake in the oven nice and early, and then lay the table for breakfast. You may get a few early risers, so pop the kettle on for them! ☕


8:00 – 9:00

Breakfast service

Guests may come down for breakfast all at once, or they may arrive in dribs and drabs.  Sometimes they all want a hot option, sometimes they all just want cereal.  You never know what you are going to get, but we’re always prepared!

Any spare time I have during breakfast service, I crack on with dinner prep – the more efficiently you work, the more time you get skiing! 🎿


9:00 – 10:30

Clear up from breakfast, clean rooms 🧹,  finish dinner prep and set up afternoon tea

Once everyone has finished and gone to get ready for skiing, I clear the table and lay out afternoon tea, ready for the guests to help themselves to when get back later.  Before I finish for the morning, I give the guest rooms a light clean and finish up any food prep for dinner, to make my life easier later.


10:30 – 16:00

Ski time! ⛷️ (Or board time, if you’re that way inclined! 🏂)

Time to get out on the mountain and make the most of your day skiing or snowboarding! On a sunny day ☀️ you’ll usually find me stopped on a sunny mountain bar terrace for a mid-afternoon hot chocolate.



Have a rest

It’s always important to have some time to chill (take a nap! 😴) before heading back into your chalet for evening service. Chalet work can be tiring, so make sure you recharge your batteries.



Dinner service

Time to head back into the chalet for dinner service. It’s always nice to catch up with guests and ask them about their day.  If you have children in the chalet requiring an early kids dinner, you’ll need to be back in around 5pm; otherwise you can arrive a bit later.  Remember, the more prep you do in the morning, the easier dinner service is! 🍽️  After serving guests dinner and cleaning up, I sometimes like to sit down with them and get to know them a bit better!



Social time!

After a long day, the choice is yours…

  • Head to the pub for a pint 🍺 (or a few!) with your friends. Live music often awaits… 🎵
  • Sleep!

And congratulations on another day done!  …Don’t forget to set your alarm for tomorrow morning and get ready to do it all again!

Hannah Sutcliffe

Resort Manager

After finishing university, Hannah embarked on what was going to be a single gap year as a Chalet Host, and never looked back!  She now heads up our team in the Three Valleys, and outside of the winter season can be found co-ordinating our recruitment program for the following winter.

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