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  1. Cheap Generic Dapoxetine

Beat The Queues

We offer a lift pass delivery service in all of our chalets. After you have booked your holiday with us we will order your lift pass and have it waiting at the chalet upon your arrival. Payments for lift passes are made via cash or card upon arrival in resort. There is no extra charge for the ordering and delivery of passes on your behalf.

To order your lift passes:

If you have booked direct with The Alpine Generation, you can add your lift passes to your online 'My Booking' area.

If you have booked via an agent or third-party, please contact us on Cheap Viagra With Dapoxetine

Which Lift Pass?

For all reasonably proficient skiers (e.g blue runs and above) we recommend the full area (Three Valley) pass. All areas can be skied on a mixture of blue and red runs. Guests staying in La Tania who would to purchase a local area pass should purchase the Courchevel Valley Pass. Meribel and Meribel Village guests should purchase the Meribel Valley pass.

Piste Maps

Click on the links below to view the piste maps for each of the three pass options.

Buy Priligy From Germany

Buy Priligy From Canada

Generic Priligy Online

Viagra And Dapoxetine Online, Cheap Dapoxetine

 Three Valleys €  Courchevel Valley Only € Meribel Valley Only €
Age13 - 64 5-1265-74 Adults + < 18 13 - 64 5-12 65-74 Adults + < 18 13 - 64 5-12 65-74 Adults + < 18
3 hrs554449.50N/A4636.5041.50N/A44.50
1 day6249.6055.80N/A54.5043.6049.50N/A53.00
2 days12297.60109.80N/A10987.2098.10N/A104.00
3 days183146.40164.70N/A162129.60145.80N/A156.00
4 days244195.20219.60N/A212169.60190.80N/A199.00
5 days291232.80261.90N/A258206.40232.20N/A234.00
6 days291244.80275.40224.80257217246217245.00
7 days339283.20318.60283.20297250281.80250288.00
1d 3V ext**3729.633.30N/A1d 3V ext**37.00 €
29.60 €
33.30 €


* At least 2 Adults and 2 Children under 18 years, all paying the child price. Additional children under 18 years can be added to make a family pass of 2 adults + 3, 4 or 5 children.
- Three Valleys Family Pass = € 244.80pp
- Meribel Valley Family Pass = € 205pp
- Courchevel Valley Family Pass = € 217pp

** To ski for one day in the Three Valleys with a Meribel Valley pass that is valid for a minimum of 2 days.

Under 5 years and over 75 years can ski for free with proof of age!

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