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Pricing & Availability (Winter 2017/2018)

Buy Dapoxetine Online Australia, Dapoxetine Purchase

La Tania Chalets

Meribel Chalets

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to view our calendar.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to view our calendar.

Chalet Pricing

Scroll down to view 2017/2018 pricing for all our chalets in Morzine, La Tania and Meribel.

Pricing Policies

- Babies and infants staying in parents' room: £125 each, including cot and high chair.

- Children under 12 receive a £50 discount on the per person price.

- Prices do not include flights or airport transfers.

- Person per week prices are based on two people sharing one room. We reserve the right to charge a supplement for sole occupancy on a case by case basis.

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