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  1. Cheap Generic Dapoxetine

Dapoxetine Where To Buy, Priligy Vendita Online

Helping you make the right choice

We pride ourselves on our friendly, honest approach to helping you find the right chalet in the right resort. We love catered chalet holidays and believe wholeheartedly in the model. We have either worked in, or been on holiday to, all the resorts in which which we have chalets.

We use that experience to recommend the best chalets for your group and requirements. If we don't have anything we think you'll love, we'll tell you. We have no interest in persuading you to book something unsuitable. It ruins your experience and makes our jobs extremely unfulfilling. Who wants that?

We don't make the sale and pass you over to someone else. When you book directly with us we are with you from the first phone call, right up until you return home at the end of your holiday. Well, not literally, but we’re there in spirit!

Taking away the pain

Holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing, so why does the organisation of a holiday feel like just the opposite? We’ve been there, have the scars and feel your pain. We try to make the whole process as easy and painless as possible.

We’ll provide friendly, pragmatic advice on which chalet will be the best fit, which travel option will be most cost-effective or least hassle (not always the same thing unfortunately), and which lift passes or equipment hire locations will be most suitable.

Once you’ve arrived in resort our team will be on-hand to provide any assistance or advice you require. They have extensive knowledge of our resorts and can help you choose and book restaurants, plan routes and meeting points, head to the best bars for après, and suggest activities for non-skiers.

In our experience, if all of these elements are taken care of, the holiday should run itself.


During your stay you'll have the services of one (or two) of our friendly and capable chalet hosts. As well as providing you with three delicious meals a day (and giving your rooms a light daily clean), they'll act as facilitator, fixer, and font of knowledge for the week.

They can help with restaurant and taxi bookings, ski school recommendations and daily weather reports. They are the absolute best people to ask for recommendations on routes, pistes, meeting points and great local itineraries. They keep hot tubs up and running, saunas gently heating, open-fires blazing; there really is no end to their talents. And they also provide you with wine in the evening, so that makes them even more special.

Unfortunately for us all, they do have one day off per week; during which we hope you won't feel too lost and alone...


Our people are your people

We’ve learned a lot over the years about what makes a good chalet host, and contrary to popular belief it’s got nothing to do with the ability to work through a hangover…

Our chalet hosts have the most important job in resort. Simply put, they can make or break your holiday. When recruiting chalet hosts we ask ourselves ‘would WE want to spend a week with these people’? If the answer is yes, and they can cook up a storm in the kitchen, then we welcome them to the team.

As former catered chalet guests, we know what we’d want to find waiting for us in our chalet; and that’s a warm personality coupled with a dose of practicality, maturity and a great sense of humour. The ability to whip up a tasty meal goes without saying.

Not just a bunch of pretty faces

In turn, our chalet hosts rely on the support of our in-resort management and operation teams to help make your holiday run as smoothly as a freshly groomed piste (see what we did there?)

Our in-resort teams have extensive experience in delivering catered chalet holidays to hundreds of guests across multiple resorts, and our operations team have a wealth of experience gained both in and out of the ski industry.

As for the pretty faces, well you'll have to judge for yourself. But please, don't be too harsh...

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