Graham Taylor

A keen skier and runner, much of the early part of Graham’s career was spent working as a consultant to the banking industry*. After leaving financial services in search of a new challenge, and the opportunity to work on his somewhat “unique” off-piste technique, he is now entering his 6th season in the Alps.

 A self-titled "ideas man", Graham drives us all crazy with his tendency to produce 100 new ideas a day (usually a mix of good, bad, and the downright impossible). With his eye firmly on the bigger picture, Graham’s main focus is product and partnership development – in particular the sourcing of new properties, and the development of summer activity holidays.

 6 years into this challenge, his enthusiasm and desire to make The Alpine Generation the best at what we do remains one of his key attributes. So, unfortunately, does that somewhat dodgy off-piste stance. But you can’t have everything can you?

 * A fact that he very much hopes you won’t hold against him. It’s not his fault; promise.

Kelly Taylor

Kelly left her career in the financial services industry to co-found The Alpine Generation, and with hopes that she would one-day become cool by learning to snowboard*.  She currently splits her time between listening to Graham’s ideas (naturally), and working the resort teams to make sure all our guests (past, present and future) are happy. A former client relationship and project manager, she’s well aware that the devil resides in the detail. Kelly’s main focus is on after-sales consultancy and planning - helping to make sure our clients have all the information and support they need to have a relaxed, hassle-free holiday.

Working with the Operations Director and the Resort Managers, it’s Kelly’s responsibility to make sure that all of our guests’ vital information is passed to the chalet hosts, and that we provide the very best advice on equipment hire, lift passes, childcare and lessons*.

 * In the interests of full disclosure you should probably know that Kelly still cannot snowboard, but did pick up a broken arm and knocked out tooth for her efforts.

Benedict Butler - Operations Director

Ben is an instructor-level snowboarder and road cycling guide who has spent most of his career in operational and client-facing roles for a variety of tour operators. Having spent time in various European countries he is now heading into his 15th season in the 3 Vallees. His wide-ranging professional experience and passion for ‘all things mountains’ make Ben an asset for any Alpine holiday operator and we are thrilled that he has decided to join our team.

Ben takes responsibility for the delivery of our service across all our chalets, applying his unfailingly high standards and common-sense approach to get the best from our teams and ensure we deliver a high-quality and consistent holiday experience. Never afraid to get his hands dirty, rumour has it he was once spotted supervising chalet hosts whilst they vacuumed chalet walls!

Claim to fame: When Ben first dropped ‘that time I took Boris Johnson canyoning’ into conversation, we thought it was a test to see if we were listening. Turns out he actually did take Boris Johnson canyoning*. Who knew?

* Disclaimer: Ben would like to make it clear that this was a purely professional engagement and that he does not spend his weekends partaking in extreme sports with government ministers.

Sharon Orman - Resort Manager (3Vallees)

Shazza has been hosting catered chalets in the 3vallees for over 100 years! If there was a Golden Globe for the World’s Best Chalet Host she would have won it every year. Her enthusiasm, friendly nature and willingness to go above and beyond has earner her consistently fantastic feedback, a lifetime of new friends, and an open top Ferrari in tips*.

Now that she has moved into the role of resort manager she is able offer priceless mentoring and guidance to our hosts, and share her extensive knowledge of the resort and ski area with guests.

Shazza will be using her hosting experience, combined with her experience as a tutor on a well-known chalet cookery course, to make sure our hosts have all the tools they need to make sure our guests have a relaxed and memorable holiday experience.

Top tip: look out for Shazza’s Eating Reccos in your Chalet Information book. Lovingly collated through several seasons worth of ‘research’, it’s packed with advice on the best places to eat and drink on the mountain, without needing to re-mortgage your house in the process.

* Disclaimer: Shazza would like to make it clear that she does not actually own an open-top Ferrari, although would not be averse to swapping her Hyundai 10 for one.

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