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  1. Cheap Generic Dapoxetine

Buy Cheap Priligy Online, Can You Buy Priligy In Canada

Built to a high standard across 3 floors, the chalet features 6 bedrooms (all en-suite with balconies), shared wellness area with hot tub and sauna, and fully equipped ski room and drying facilities. The chalet is well designed and spacious, with high beamed ceilings and a large open-plan living area with access to a terrace.

The ground floor of the chalet comprises an entrance hall and three en-suite twin bedrooms. On the first floor is the open plan living dining area, with adjacent large terrace, plus a separate WC. On the second floor are the three further bedrooms with en-suite/private facilities, two doubles and one twin.

Kandahar’s location, in the Les Eucherts area of La Rosiere is a short walk from the high speed 6 man chair lift that gives you access to the main ski area . Thanks to the chalet’s south-facing orientation, the rooms are bathed in sunshine all day long, so you can sit out on the balcony and drink in the views of the Haute Tarentaise valley. The main part of La Rosiere is a short walk away.

All four of our Kandahar properties enjoy exclusive use of the building.


  • Sleeps 12
  • 6 bedrooms
  • Close to piste
  • Wifi throughout
  • Sauna and hot tub


Ground Floor

Ground Floor:
Room 1: Twin en-suite with balcony
Room 2: Twin en-suite with balcony
Room 3: Twin en-suite with balcony

First Floor
- Lounge and dining area with balcony.

Second Floor
Room 4: Twin en-suite with balcony
Room 5: Double en-suite with balcony
Room 6: Double mezzanine en-suite with balcony


Buy Cheap Priligy Online, Can You Buy Priligy In Canada

  • Daily breakfast of coffee, tea, cereals, yoghurts, fresh french bread, croissants, butter, preserves, porridge and on 6 of 7 mornings, a hot option such as omelette savoyard, fat pancakes or egg, bacon and tomatoes.
  • Daily afternoon tea of coffee, tea, fresh french bread, butter, preserves and of course, a delicious homemade cake.
  • Three course evening meal with a choice of 4 varieties of bottled wines to enjoy during dinner (6 nights).
  • Children under 12 will be served a high tea at around 17:30 - 18:00; we'll be in touch to discuss their likes and dislikes before you arrive.
  • On one evening during your stay you will have the opportunity to try out one of La Rosiere's great restaurants. Speak to the resort team for recommendations and they will be happy to make restaurant reservations for you.

In-Chalet Service



  • Check-in is from 4pm. Bag storage is usually available for early arrivals.
  • If you book flights that will give you a resort arrival time of after 20:30 (under normal travel conditions), you will be offered a light supper of bread, cheese and charcuterie, as opposed to the usual three course meal.
  • If you book flights that will give you a resort arrival time of after 22:00 (you will be offered a light supper as above, but you will also need pay an out of hours ‘meet and greet’ supplement of €50 to be settled into your accommodation.
  • We ask that you vacate your rooms by 09:30, and the chalet by 10:30.
  • Bag storage for later departures is usually available, please do ask.
  • Please be understanding that arriving guests have exclusive use of the chalet from 16:00 onward. There will be no access back into the chalet after this time.



Kandahar 3&4 Living Area
Kandahar 3&4 Double Mezzanine
Kandahar 3&4 Dining Area
Kandahar 3&4 Double Bedroom
Kandahar 3&4 Twin
Kandahar 3&4 Twin Bedroom
Kandahar 3&4 Double Mezzanine
Kandahar Sauna



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