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Fully Catered Single Skiers Week in Meribel Ski in a group (paying no single supplement) with Ski Friends! This season we have teamed up with Ski Friends to offer a single skiers week in our fantastic Chalet Marini in Meribel Village. The aim of Ski Friends is to allow solo travelers to experience the benefits of a chalet holiday and the beauty of skiing in a group. The week is aimed at intermediate solo or intermediate skiers to ski with like-minded…

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How To Buy Dapoxetine

How To Order Dapoxetine

So, you’re thinking of booking a ski holiday? Before you head off in a haze of holiday-related excitement to pay the deposit, take a moment to consider the reality. Ski holidays are not all fun, fun, fun you know. To help you make a balanced decision, we’ve come up with a list of our five worst things about ski holidays. 1. Other People Skiing is a social activity, and this means spending time with other people. If you decide…

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