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Reasons to go skiing in December
Just in case “because we’ve been waiting since April” isn’t enough of a reason to consider skiing in December, we’ve cobbled together a few more spurious reasons below.


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it’s madness I tell you, madness

Let’s face it. The run up to Christmas is always stressful.  By December 15th, department stores have been playing back-to-back Slade for about six weeks, the constant barrage of TV ads is driving kids into a toy-fuelled frenzy, and you still have 90% of your Christmas shopping to do.

The solution? Escape the madness and head for the slopes. You can either use the chalet wifi to do all your Christmas shopping online, or leave enough space in your suitcase for 12 santa-hatted whistling marmots.  It’s the thought that counts.
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a more christmassy Christmas

So, if you think escaping the pre-Christmas madness is a great idea, what about escaping Christmas itself? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not the Grinch. I love Christmas. I particularly love spending Christmas in a ski resort. It’s just so much more, y’know, christmassy. There’s loads of snow, it’s full of people enjoying themselves, and Père Noël ALWAYS comes to visit.

If you stay in a catered chalet then there’s the added bonus that someone else is saddled with the cooking and washing up. And most important of all, you get to ski all day instead of sitting around channel surfing, searching in vain for something that a) wasn’t shown last Christmas, or b) isn’t the omnibus edition of Eastenders/Corrie/Emmerdale.
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avoid the post-Christmas slump

There’s nothing quite like the anti-climax that hits immediately after Christmas. The tree, up since early December, starts to look a little depressed. The festive TV schedule, full of repeats anyway, begins to get steadily worse.  And to top it all off, it’s starting to feel less and less acceptable to continue eating and drinking whatever you like.

Enter the post-Christmas slump ski holiday. Whilst the rest of the world heads back to work, break out your ski boots and head for the hills, literally. Whilst your friends and colleagues are sat in the office, pretending to make the most of the ‘quiet time’, you’re filling up their Facebook feed with pictures of stunning alpine scenery and cups of hot chocolate as big as your head.
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snap up a bargain

Why wait until the January sales to snap up a bargain? The first week of the season is always crawling with deals. So too, believe it or not, is Christmas week. A quick Google search for availability over this period returns a raft of offers such as free list passes, free childcare, free places. And yes, it does mean taking a punt on the weather, but that’s pretty much the case with pre-booking for any time of the season.

We all put our faith in the snow gods, no matter when we travel. Fortunately, most well equipped resorts with access to higher altitude skiing can offer us a decent week on the slopes, even over the first week of the season. And lest we forget, December 15th 2012 saw most French resorts buried under metres of snow. Rock bottom prices, quiet slopes and more snow than you can shake a ski pole at. Who was having the last laugh then?
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sheer novelty value

Finally, at no other point in the season will you find yourself sat on the chairlift next to so many Santas on skis or boards.

And there’s nothing better than a skiing Santa at Christmas.


A santa hat on a peg


Dapoxetine Online, Priligy To Buy

The Alpine Generation

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