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Something, or nothing, I suppose. It depends on who you speak to.

We spent two seasons agonising over a name for our long planned catered chalet business, The Alpine Generation.

On the ski lift. In the bar. Making beds. Cleaning toilets. Unblocking drains. No matter where we were, the suggestions poured forth.

90% of these suggestions were almost immediately dismissed for reasons justified;

“It’s already taken and no, I don’t think Richard Branson would view it as ‘flattery’.”

and not so justified;

“I don’t know, it just reminds me of washing powder……”

The remaining 10% of these suggestions actually made it into the ‘let’s sleep on it’ category. More often that not though, someone would wake up the next morning declaring;

“Sorry, it’s not going to work. I’ve decided I don’t like it.”

Washing powder again?

“No. Dog food.”

It was beginning to look like were were destined to fall at the first hurdle.

Which of us was actually responsible for suggesting ‘The Alpine Generation’  is still hotly debated on an almost weekly basis. You see, none of us are afraid of laying claim to an idea that actually came good.

But did it come good?

When we made the decision to go ahead with the name, or lose the final shreds of our sanity, I’m not sure any of us were 100% convinced.  Finally, we had to give the name to our new French accountant and we received our first bit of feedback.

He mulled it over, spoke the name aloud a couple of times, and proclaimed;

“The Alpine Generation. Is French. Is English. I like it.”

And if it’s good enough for the locals, it’s good enough for us. And we hope you like it too. Check us out at

<a href=””>By Kelly Taylor</a>

Buy Dapoxetine In Pakistan, Purchasing Priligy

The Alpine Generation

Buy Dapoxetine In Pakistan, Purchasing Priligy