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We just wanted to thank you and our hosts for helping us have the most fantastic ski holiday. From our initial e-mail conversations, sorting food etc, through to the holiday – everything was handled extremely well. A.L. (Feb 2018)


I have just come back from a fabulous short stay at Chalet Les Lanchettes in the Portes du Soleil. The hospitality was spot on and the food was amazing. It was by far the best catered chalet holiday I have experienced. A.S. (JAN 2018)


Our hosts were exceptional and very thoughtful, literally from the moment we got into the chalet early (to tuck up one of the party to bed), until the moment we left. Not only that but the food was delicious and we couldn’t get enough of it. S.B (DEC 2017)


We just wanted to let you know what a fantastic holiday we have had. The hosts have been outstanding, and have looked after our group and made our holiday. The only complaint we have is going home a stone heavier!!!! Please pass on our thanks and we hope to stay with you again S.A.B (JAN 2018)

Delicious Food | Great Wine | Fantastic Service | World Class Skiing

We provide high quality catered chalet holidays in four resorts across some of the largest linked ski areas in Europe; Les Portes du Soleil, Les Trois Vallees and Espace San Bernardo.

Now in our fourth season, our team have all been in your shoes. We use our experience as catered chalet guests, combined with our experience delivering chalet holidays, to ensure that the guest experience is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our responsive and efficient sales and booking processes. We work hard to take the hassle out of organising your ski holiday; we can help organise transfers, ski hire, lessons and lift passes.

We have a range of chalet accommodation across both resorts. From comfortable and traditional, to luxury and modern – we have a variety of options to meet different requirements and budgets. Whichever property you choose, you will benefit from our consistently high quality service – delicious food, friendly and efficient chalet hosts, helpful and informative resort team.

We operate a fair pricing policy and firmly believe that if you choose to book your holiday in advance, you should benefit from prices that offer equal value for money as those who book last minute.

Our Resorts

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